Perspective of a Yogi

Since finding yoga in 2009, the effects of the physical practice have permeated into all aspects of my life. I gain immeasurable benefits from the shared life experiences of others and feel compelled to contribute my small portion in the hope that others may benefit from my experiences. I seek to share the lessons and challenges I encounter on my journey so we can all learn from each other.

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I regularly attend Anna’s hatha class at TYM and so appreciate her kind, thoughtful, attentive approach to me (the student) and the class. Its obvious Anna has put a lot of thought into the class and taken the time to plan out what she wants to teach us. She is always open to our questions and thoughts during class and puts us at ease when we find ourselves challenged or struggling. Be prepared to work hard and be challenged but also feel awesome when you leave her loving care.

Mohler C.

“Anna’s voice and centered manner relax me the moment my practice with her begins. She gives clear direction to achieve the correct posture, breaking down every movement to get the most of it and making micro adjustments when I need them. With her help, my Down Dog is so balanced that it almost feels like a resting pose! Anna’s students, be they 25 or 65 (like me), always learn something new from her, even something that seems small but makes a big difference. She has taught me a lot and I look forward to refining my practice further.” June 25, 2017

Sandy B.