You Need To Let It Go

Summer is here! I can tell by all the kids out of school, my plants needing more regular watering and my A/C system acting up like it does every year. I like to sleep in a cold room, 72 degrees. This morning I woke up and could hear the system running but the thermostat said 79. My A/C obviously needed a little TLC.
This wasn’t the first day I noticed it, but I was the first day I decided to do something about it, on a Saturday no less. So I called the leasing office a few times before looking up their hours of operation and realizing no one would answer the phone for another hour. Shortly after ten I called again and submitted a service request. The maintenance man would be by soon.
He arrived and told me the A/C needed more freon, but the other maintenance man had to do it and he would be on the property at 11.30 to work on another unit’s system. I had a class I wanted to attend at 12.30 so this is the point where I began a minor freak out, calling the leasing office multiple times with no answer and starting to worry I wouldn’t have time to get my A/C fixed and make it to class on time.
I sat for my meditation but was very antsy and distracted, not able to focus my mind. It was during my attempts at meditation that the lyric “you need to let it go” from a Meghan Trainor song popped into my head. I tried to hang on to this, repeating it to myself as my mind raced, wondering if my plans for the day would be ruined. When I stood up from my meditation I saw a missed call and voicemail from the leasing office. I called back and updated her to my schedule and she told me he was on his way.
When he arrived I explained my time constraints and he told me he was only here for an emergency at the other unit and that he had to drive 30 miles to get here. Clearly, accommodating me was not his main priority. And as much as this bothered me, I couldn’t blame him. I’m sure I would be just the same way if the roles were reversed.
After a few trips up and down the stairs to check the temperature and freon levels, he finally went up with the freon canister. Less than 10 minutes later he was back downstairs, telling me it should be blowing cold now. I had plenty of time to get to my class and even arrived early, which is unusual for me.
So, for all that stress, worry, and agitation, everything worked out perfectly! I feel blessed that the answer that I “need to let it go” came to me, but clearly, I wasn’t open to receiving it and continued to let the circumstances I couldn’t control influence my mood and behavior. Letting things go is a constant practice for me and strong, commanding statements make it easier.
Listen to the song here
(The “let it go” lyric starts at the 39-secondmark)
Listen to Meghan’s tone when she sings the lyrics. Understand that I’m not speaking to the message of the song, but to her confidence and commanding presence when she sings, “you need to let it go.” She is speaking these words to someone else, but I speak these words to myself and the impact is very powerful.
Sometimes we have to be stern and forceful with ourselves to ensure we make the best choices for our mental well being. Try strongly telling yourself “you need to let it go” next time you are having trouble letting go of unnecessary stress. And most stress is unnecessary.

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