Revel In Life

I was having breakfast on my patio the other day when I noticed a particularly enthusiastic bee buzzing around inside a flower. He was really rolling and tumbling all around the petals, coating his already pollen laden legs with even more of the gold powder.
trying to make space
His movements reminded me of my dog when he rolls in the grass, snuffling his nose and kicking his legs in the air. Like a dance of pure joy and ecstasy, enjoying the simple pleasure of motion.
trying to make space
I know that the worker bee was just doing what nature programmed him to do, gather pollen to feed the hive. But he really seemed to enjoy it! It made me wonder, why can’t we all revel in the majesty of life and the movements that carry us through it?
 trying to make space
There are plenty of motions we go through on a daily basis that are required to keep things running smoothly. Why can’t we find joy in the general maintenance that makes modern life so relatively easy? I want to be more like the bee and my dog, finding opportunities to be fully grateful for my ability to move and support myself and my life with these motions, as mundane as they may be.
  trying to make space
Gathering pollen cannot be the most exciting job. Moving from flower to flower, searching for one untouched by another pollinator, day in and day out. But this simple act is vital to survival and feeds new life in the larvae and other bees who build and expand the hive, creating housing for all.
trying to make space
The boring tasks we complete on a daily basis, like doing dishes, washing clothes and sweeping the floor contribute to a more pleasant living space that in turn creates a more relaxing home environment. When we are in comfortable spaces, our creativity can flow, free from the distraction of clutter.
  trying to make space
So be like the bee, happy for the blessing of movement that supports your life. Be grateful for the simple things, like food in the pantry and a roof over your head. Take care of whatever space you are granted on this vast earth and make it as comfortable and enjoyable as you choose!
  trying to make space
Revel in the simple beauty of life!

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