I Will Be Light

How do you describe darkness? How do you describe light?

Sunsets are one of my absolute favorite things about living on this earth. I watch as many as I can, from my roof when possible. As much as I love sunsets, it’s the descent of twilight and the gradual darkening that I relish.

Darkness only comes when the light recedes. Even with the partial solar eclipse I witnessed today in Dallas, the sun was 75-80% blocked by the moon. There was less light, giving the outside an eerie, subterranean feel. It’s not that there was more darkness, just less light. And even with the majority of the sun being blocked the world was still fully lit.

How do you describe darkness? It is only the absence of light. Either because it is concealed or entirely nonexistent.

How do you describe light? It is luminous energy. It is electromagnetic radiation. Be it the sun or a lightbulb, it is a wave of energy that stimulates the sensory organs we call eyes. There is a whole spectrum of energetic waves and only a certain range is perceived by the human eye. Regardless of the range, the waves within that allow us to see are absolutely essential to life as we know it.

So light is energy we perceive with our eyes. Energy fuels our world and our bodies. It is what we take in and out our as we go about our daily lives. We ARE energy. Down to the atoms that compose our cells that work together to keep the whole body humming along.

What kind of energy are you?

What kind of energy are you putting out? Is it within a range that others can see and experience? Its your choice. Choose wisely.

I will be light.

I have been blessed in my life to encounter people who emit positivity and radiant light. When I think of who I want to emulate in how I live my life, I think of those who have given me constant encouragement and pushed me to reach further while still loving me for being exactly where I am. They gave me light. And their light increased my own. Their belief in me, made me believe in myself more. When I really needed it.

I will be light. I will give love to everyone I meet. In every encounter and every interaction I have. I will bring light to those who have too little in their lives and are living in darkness, whether they see it or not.

I will be light. I will give positive energy to everyone. It’s up to me to bring light into every life I touch, from the greatest to the humblest, everyone can benefit from more positivity.

I will be light. I recognize that it is hard work to shine bright all the time. I will give myself light and a prescription to rest when I need to.

I will be light. I will know that sharing my light makes a difference. How big or small a difference doesn’t matter. What matters is the difference. And there always is one. Always.

You can be anything you want in this world. The possibilities are endless.

What will you be?

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