Native Seattleite living in Dallas. After practicing yoga for 8 years I finally took the leap and completed my teacher training at The Yoga Movement in Fall 2016. It was a life-changing experience and I am excited to continue my learning as I encourage other students in their practice.

My teaching focuses on safety first, ensuring proper alignment and reducing the chance of injury. I like to build the poses from the ground up. Starting with the feet and working up through each body part to put it in the correct position.

Yoga permeates into all aspects of my life. Yoga teaches a practice of non-harming (ahimsa) and one way I practice this through a plant-based diet, relying on nature’s bounty to provide my sustenance.

When I’m not practicing yoga I can be found meditating, swinging in a hammock, gardening, walking around barefoot, reading, cooking, writing and exploring the joys of life that I discover on and off the mat.

Come practice with me!

I teach Hatha Tuesdays @12 in Abbott Park, 4814 Abbott Ave, Highland Park, TX 75205

And I often lead the Wednesday Community Class @8.30pm at The Yoga Movement