The Multi-Purpose Mason Jar

What kinds of containers do you use to store ingredients or leftovers in your home? My go-to is the ever reliable mason jar. Even before I started my zero waste journey in earnest earlier this year, I had amassed quite a collection of this zero waste staple. Granted, I went to Target and bought three… Continue reading The Multi-Purpose Mason Jar


You Can Recycle Almost EVERYTHING!

You want to do the right thing for the earth, but sometimes trash is unavoidable. So what to do with those difficult to dispose of properly items like styrofoam, batteries, and toothpaste tubes? Well, it may take a bit more effort and a little extra change to get it to the right place, but that… Continue reading You Can Recycle Almost EVERYTHING!


I Love Oatmeal

Happy National Oatmeal Day! I grew up eating this simple breakfast nearly everyday. If it wasn't oatmeal, it was Cream of Wheat or granola, which is just dried oatmeal! I've since developed a deeper appreciation for this hearty grain. When I started incorporating practices from Ayurveda into my life two years ago, I learned that… Continue reading I Love Oatmeal


Pumpkins, the Ultimate Zero Waste Decoration

Today is National Pumpkin Day, perfectly placed a week before Halloween, reminding everyone of their favorite Halloween decoration and activity, carving Jack-O-Lanterns! For me, pumpkins are the ultimate when it comes to zero waste decoration throughout the autumn months, representing the harvest and the community gathering to reap and enjoy the fruits of the season.… Continue reading Pumpkins, the Ultimate Zero Waste Decoration


Finding Peace Every Day, in Every Way

Today is world peace day. Peace is such a beautiful thing and feeling. Both within oneself and in harmony with those around us. For me, finding peace in the chaotic world around me is more easily attained when I am at peace internally. One thing that’s been helping me find that inner peace recently is… Continue reading Finding Peace Every Day, in Every Way


My Love Affair with Toe Spreaders

I’ve been using toe spreaders for several years, ever since I realized what damage conventional shoes, especially heels, had on my feet. Plus having mobile toes is very helpful in yoga! I even bring them to my pedicure appointments to avoid the disposable foam ones. I can’t think of anyone I know who wouldn’t benefit… Continue reading My Love Affair with Toe Spreaders


Green Is the New Black: Green Washing in the Holistic Health Space

Green is the new black. With environmental events like Earth Day and Plastic Free July making headlines and the cover of National Geographic, being eco-conscious has never been so cool. It's wonderful that initiatives to save our only inhabitable planet is front page news. But for all those environmentally aware consumers out there, it means… Continue reading Green Is the New Black: Green Washing in the Holistic Health Space


It’s Not Easy Being Green

I received an unexpected shock yesterday while watching Instagram Stories. Someone I follow who is loudly and proudly vegan posted a story about how they were planning to throw their Beyond Burger packaging in the garbage until a housemate encouraged them to recycle it. So they walked outside and recycled, taking the extra step put… Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green