In Dallas, TX? Practice with me on Wednesdays!

6pm for Deep Hatha at Deep Ellum Yoga, located at 108 S Crowdus St, Dallas, TX, 75226

I also lead the Community Class every other week at 8.30pm at The Yoga Movement located at 4931 Airline Rd, Dallas TX, 75205. What’s on the schedule this week? Find out here!

Can’t make it to class? Book a private session or practice with me online!

Individual Lessons

The familiarity developed in private lessons creates a safe space for physical and emotional growth and exploration. Time spent in individual sessions provides exclusive attention to personal needs including alignment evaluation, detailed verbal and physical feedback, progress tracking, and flexible scheduling. Each lesson is customized after consultation.

Pricing and Procedures

  • $40/hr
  • Payment made prior to lesson
Athletic Training

Strength and flexibility are two sides of the mobility coin. Most athletic training focuses on building strength and speed, with flexibility as an afterthought. Balancing strength and flexibility in an athlete’s body will result in shorter recovery times, increased performance, and fewer injuries that are less serious. A regular yoga practice will also provide greater mental focus and determination as the mind is tamed in this moving meditation. By training the body and mind to work together on separate tasks towards the same goal, excessive emotions decrease and facilitate a more positive attitude during games, less clock anxiety, and faster reaction times. This training is mental and physical, to keep both body and mind sharp, in practice and in games.

Pricing and Procedures
  • $40/hr (3 sessions/week commitment)
  • Payment for the week made prior to the first session
Couples Compression Therapy Massage
This intimate physical therapy experience will teach you and your partner techniques to increase non-verbal communication, give physical (non-sexual) pleasure, and receive constructive feedback to better serve your partner’s desires. Developed while lying in bed, both wanting a massage and neither having the energy to give one, this type of body manipulation is a simultaneous massage for both parties. Every body is different, but every body has the potential for positive impact on another. We will guide you and your partner to find that perfect body part fit, the right balance of pressure and movement, and the gestures to communicate your desires non-verbally. Invest in your relationship and yourself with new levels of physical intimacy and methods of communication. You will leave having given and received a full body massage, using your whole body!
Pricing and Procedures
  • $70/hr
  • Payment made prior to session
Zero Waste Consulting
As the effects of climate change become more apparent each day, from newspaper headlines to viral videos, and more present in our daily lives, 21 days over 100 and counting here in Dallas, it can be overwhelming to think of solutions to such a big problem. How can one person make a difference? Well, since one American produces on average 102 tons of trash in their lifetime, minimizing or eliminating your waste production will send that much less to the landfill! Not only does working towards a zero waste lifestyle have a positive impact on the environment, it also positively impacts your bank account and health, saving you money on household expenses while bringing fewer toxic chemicals into your home!
Pricing and Procedures
  • Single area consult $40
    • For those who want to focus on one area at a time. We will focus on one part of your home or life outside the home to find the tools and techniques necessary to significantly reduce or eliminate waste.
    • Focus areas; bathroom, kitchen, home office, garden, kids, work, grocery shopping/errands, activities outside the home, etc.
    • Payment made prior to consultation
  • Whole home consult $200
    • Ready to dive all the way in? Over the course of 4 weeks we will systematically sort through your entire home and your activities both inside and outside the home to identify replacement products and behavioral changes that will have you living zero waste in no time!
    • Payment made in full prior to first consultation